Infrastructure & Linux System Engineer

In Linux we Trust !

Hi, my name is Adrian Paul and I love Linux and Networking!
Every day I learn new skills and work on my projects to earn more knowledge. I`m passionate about the Cloud, Kubernetes, and automation software like Terraform and Ansible.
If you wanna know more about me, here you will find out What I do outside of work!

If you have a cool Project in mind, just send it to me, I like to test my skills! You will see it on my website as soon as it is done.

Email : [email protected]

My Home Network

VMware ESXi + VCenter
#hypervisor #esxi #vsphere #vcenter

--> VMware Esxi 8 + vCenter on Supermicro Servers    

My Network Diagram in Cisco Packer Tracer

RW1 - Cisco ASA 5515-X RW2 - pfSense SW1 - Cisco WS-C4948 Multilayer Switch - 48 Gigabit ports + 4 SFP optics Server1 - Supermicro SSG-6048R with VMware Esxi 8 installed Server2 - Supermicro SSG-6048R with VMware Esxi 8 installed Server3 - HP DL360 Gen9, Raid6 (4x SSD 1TB )...

Network Equipments
#VLANs #BGP #ospf #RIP

Cisco ASA 5515-X & Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switch

VPN Server + DNS Server
#vpn #dns

This old laptop has Ubuntu 22.04 installed: is used as an OpenVPN Server to keep me safe when I travel and to allow me to connect to my Home Network is used as a secondary DNS server Because I have a Dynamic IP Address from my ISP, I'm using a...


I have built 2 websites for my family businesses
#nginx and are 2 websites that I built for my family businesses using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Nginx, WordPress, MySQL, and Cloudflare for DNS, certificates, and reverse proxy.

my 500TiB farm

This is a fun project, mining cryptocurrency using hard drive space! I have like 60 storage nodes that are running as docker containers and about 500 TiB+ of plots mining a cryptocurrency named XCH!          

Cloud --> Terraform, Kubernetes Automation
#terraform #k8s #cloud #Prometheus #Elasticsearch

In this project: I used VSCode SSH connection to one of my Ubuntu testing servers to write Terraform scripts and deploy Kubernetes Clusters on Cloud Platforms like Linode, Azure, and AWS I created a docker image from a website I made to deploy a service inside the cluster installed Prometheus...

testing stuff on Ubuntu (Nginx,MySQL,NFS,Haproxy,Keepalived)
#nginx #mysql #nfs #haproxy #keepalived

In this project, I created 4 VMs on Ubuntu using VirtualBox: VM1 named master and VM2 named slave installed Nginx webserver and installed/configured MySQLย in replication ( Master->Slave ) installed/configured NFS file sharing service installed and configured WordPress so that any one of them can serve the same content created 2...

VMware --> Terraform automation

This project is about automation on bare-metal. I used Terraform to create Kubernetes on VMware environment.


Badges & Skills


Infrastructure & Linux System Engineer
Bento - Intellectually Curious, (1 year 3 months +)
Bucharest, Romania | December, 2022 - February, 2024

Currently employed.

Infrastructure & Linux System Engineer
VAP DATABASE, ( 4 years 6 month + )
Cluj, Romania | June, 2018 - December, 2022


Spiru Haret University from Bucharest
Licence Degree in Management October, 2020 - July, 2023